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Ivan Henriques

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Year of Birth
1978 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Studio/Company Name
Ivan Henriques

Transdisciplinary Artist/Designer

Work Address
The Hague, The Netherlands


Critical People
Nelson Felix, Raoul Frese, Mario Attard, Rayke Verhoeven, Bert van Duijn, Andjela Tomic, Simone Michelin, Henk Heikamp, Jan Arends, Korneel Rabaey, Geert Verbeke, Taconis Stolk, Joost Rekveld, Albert Kuipers


Ivan Henriques is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher who makes multimedia installations. He explores hybrids of nature and (technological) culture and creates new forms of interaction between humans and other living organisms.

Waterbike is a ‘bio-machine’ specially designed as an ecosystem for bacteria to feed on organic materials found in water, one of the leading causes of water pollution.

Besides offering a leisurely activity, Henriques’ hydraulic system cleans water by harnessing the energy generated by the rider.


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