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Gijs de Heij

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Year of Birth
1989 (Heveadorp, The Netherlands)

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

Studio/Company Name
Open Source Publishing (OSP)

Graphic Designer/Programmer

Work Address
Brussels, Belgium

http://www.de-heij.com/ http://www.osp.kitchen

Critical People
OSP, Femke Snelting, An Mertens, Manetta Berends

The Weekly Address: A Model for a Politician

Gijs de Heij graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, and researches the role of language and image profiles in politics and their ability to influence our judgement.

The Weekly Address employs speech recognition and machine learning to analyse patterns in a politician’s way of speaking. While machine learning recognises patterns and produces reliable and repeatable results based on a data set, politicians construct patterns through rhetoric, often repeating their message to convey their own truth.


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