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Karel van Laere

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Year of Birth
1988 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Theatre Academy Maastricht, Taipei National University of the Arts (Taiwan)

Studio/Company Name
Karel van Laere


Work Address
The Hague, The Netherlands



Critical People
Hertog/Nadler, Marcel Roijaards, Yuan Goang-Ming, Aernout Mik, Peter Missotten, Wu Chi-Tsung, Mr. Xie, John de Weerd, Cees Debets, Wu Dar-Kuen, Lin Wei-Lung, Guido van der Werve.

Slow Rise

Karel van Laere is a performer and film-maker who graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy and continued his education at the Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan.

Slow Rise developed out of a fascination for the endless choreographies of people moving through the city of Taipei.

Van Laerde’s video depicts the mechanised movement of an escalator and the stillness of the people riding it. By introducing staged scenes, depicting behaviour other than resting, he intends to interrupt the actual choreography of mechanised movement. In doing so, he invites both the passers-by in the film and the viewer to observe a fragment of modern life.

Duration: 20 minutes

Contact (research)

One of the best spots for observing people on the move in Taiwan is at Taipei Main Station. Fascinated by the seemingly endless choreographies of people, Van Laere placed a chair, on which he sat, alongside the escalators to explore the contrast between the escalator’s mechanised movement and human movement. In this six-hour preliminary survey research, Van Laere made eye contact with thousands of Taiwanese people. Contact depicts a combination of stillness and dynamics within a modern city.

Duration: 6 hours


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