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In No Particular Order presents a selection of work by 32 designers active in the fields of design, architecture, and digital culture. The featured designers received year-long funding from the Creative Industries Fund NL from 2015 to 2016.

The first iteration of In No Particular Order focused on the maker and the studio. Last year, the exhibition presented a shared image database of the participants’ personal archives. This year, curator Agata Jaworska aims to provide insights into what it means to have a practice. How do designers strive to create the conditions in which they work? What can we learn from the emerging methods and ways of working?

Through conversations and submitted sketches, the designers reflect upon these questions. In doing so, they afford a personal introduction into how they develop their artistic practice.

Grant Programme for Talent Development

Talent development is one of the Fund’s five key objectives. Every year about 30 highly promising designers/makers are selected to receive a stipend for a year. This is intended for new work, whether research, materials, equipment, or projects in the Netherlands or abroad. The Fund also provides a supporting programme to facilitate the transition to professional practice. There is coaching and support for the whole group as well as one-on-one, in order to foster entrepreneurship and professionalism.

For press information please contact Lucy van Kleef, communication at Creative Industries Fund NL.


Creative Industries Fund NL

Curator and Exhibition Design
Agata Jaworska

Image Editor and Conversations
Rana Ghavami

Graphic Design
Studio Remco van Bladel (Remco van Bladel, Beau Bertens and Jamie de Rooij)

Johannes Schwartz

Charlie Berendsen and Joost de Nooy

Exhibition Production
Bendewerk (Tijmen Dekker, Looy Driesser and Tom Lugtmeijer)

Lighting and AV Production

Creative Industries Fund NL

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