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Studio Ossidiana

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Year of Birth
Alessandra Covini: 1988 (Milan, Italy)
Tomas Dirrix: 1988 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Covini: Polytechnic University of Milan, Technical University of Lisbon, Delft University of Technology

Dirrix: Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Delft University of Technology

Studio/Company Name
Studio Ossidiana


Work Address
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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Critical People
Pierre van Boxtel, Gerard Brood and Toon Bazelmans (Hurks Prefabbeton), Hamed Khosravi (Behemoth Press), Chris Kabel, Ernst van der Hoeven and Kirsten Algera (MacGuffin), Michiel Riedijk (Neuteling Riedijk Architects), Loes van Esch and Simone Trum (Team Thursday), Kyoungtae Kim, Geert van Griensven (Baetsen-Groep), Lucas ter Hall (Studio RAP)

Petrified Carpets

Studio Ossidiana is Alessandra Covini and Tomas Dirrix. They received their Masters in Architecture from Delft University of Technology. Their practice explores architecture through material experiments informed by theoretical concepts.

Petrified Carpets is an installation of concrete objects inspired by Persian carpets. The carpet is interpreted as a planimetric representation of a garden. Its motifs — the frame, the central medallion, and the grid — resemble various architectural elements found in Persian gardens — the surrounding wall, the central fountain, the kiosk, and the doorways to the garden.

Experimenting with different techniques of casting, colouring, and texturing concrete, Studio Ossidiana translates these elements into concrete forms, striving to achieve a crafted tactility. The installation is meant to evoke an experience reminiscent of the garden as an earthly paradise.

Developed with additional support and production from Hurks Prefabbeton.


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