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Chloé Rutzerveld

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Year of Birth
1992 (Landgraaf, The Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology, Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute (Belfast, Maine)

Studio/Company Name
Chloé Rutzerveld Food & Concept Design

Food and Concept Designer

Work Address
Eindhoven, The Netherlands



Critical People
Koert van Mensvoort, Menno Stoffelsen, Janine Huizenga, Mike Thompson, Stef Arends, Jos Rutzerveld, Giaconda Rutzerveld


Chloé Rutzerveld is a critical food designer who graduated cum laude from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her work challenges systems of food production and consumption and is aimed at making food more efficient, healthy, and sustainable.

Her project Strooop! emerged from exploring innovative ways to work with ‘misfits’ and by-products from the vegetable industry. Utilising the natural sweetness and other inherent qualities of root vegetables, Rutzerveld developed entirely plant-based stroopwafels — a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a syrup filling.

Each waffle is made using 100 grams of carrot, beetroot or celeriac. The stroopwafels are an excellent source of dietary fibre and have no gluten, added sugar or food colouring.

Developed in collaboration with Proverka (vegetable juice and fibre specialist) and Martin Schreiber (technical support for product development, Wageningen University), with additional support from Stuurgroep Landbouw Innovatie Brabant


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