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MengHsun Wu

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Year of Birth
1984 (Tainan, Taiwan)

Design Academy Eindhoven

Studio/Company Name
Lab M. Wu


Work Address
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Critical People
KaiChu Wu

CMY Choir

MengHsun Wu graduated in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. He develops tools to expand the human experience of sensory stimuli.

CMY Choir investigates possibilities for experiencing colour beyond its visual character. Human sensory organs perceive different stimuli and generate electrical impulses, which are then registered by the brain. By registering stimuli — colours — as data, 
he can convert the data into other formats such 
as sound.

CMY Choir replaces colour information with voices based on the CMYK colour model, allowing the user 
to see and hear the sound of colours simultaneously. Wu’s design offers possibilities to explore similarities between sound and colour and to generate new perceptions of colour gradient, contrast, and saturation.

Technical Consultant and Developer: KaiChu Wu


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