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Mark Jan van Tellingen

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Year of Birth
1990 (Zeist, The Netherlands)

Utrecht school of the Arts, Sandberg Instituut

Studio/Company Name
Mark Jan van Tellingen

Graphic Designer / Design Researcher

Work Addresses
Utrecht and Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Critical People
Daniël van der Velden, Rob Schröder, Annelys de Vet, Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen, Femke Herregraven, Agata Jaworska, Anja Kaiser


Mark Jan van Tellingen graduated from the Sandberg Institute’s Design department. He creates visual investigations of the socio-political power relationships within the information society.

seeing_from_nowhere is a short film questioning the objectivity of data and revealing the often-flawed nature of algorithms and databases. The film deconstructs the myth of objectivity, which Van Tellingen frames as ‘a nowhere’ — an intangible position that enables the prediction and prevention of all risk.

Using metaphor and speculative scenarios, Van Tellingen comments on the power of data in society and re-imagines a society based on an alternative understanding of data.


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