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Roos Meerman

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Year of Birth
1991 (Hardenberg, The Netherlands)

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem

Studio/Company Name
Studio Roos Meerman

Work Address
Arnhem, The Netherlands


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Critical People
Xandra van der Eijk, Tom Kortbeek, Stefanie Hesseling, Christine Vroom, Ed van Hinte, Dutch Invertuals

Aera Fabrica

Roos Meerman graduated in Product Design from Artez Institute of Arts, Arnhem. She is interested in developing new materials, material properties, and production techniques.

For Aera Fabrica, Meerman exploits the qualities of inflation. She achieves an object consisting of an array of enclosed inflated chambers by reversing the procedure for blowing up objects, and hence, removing the need for bloating an object through a valve.

Programming the wall thickness and partitions of the 3D printed pre-form controls the process of inflating and its resulting form. Due to the high temperature, the plastic takes on a new aesthetic, becoming more transparent and gaining a glass-like quality.


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