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Jesse Howard project

Cloning Objects

After graduating in Mathematics from Colorado College in the United States, Jesse Howard continued his education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s DesignLAB. His graduation project, Transparent Tools, consists of a set of household appliances that enables the user’s active involvement in producing, repairing, and modifying their own products. As a designer and researcher, Howard’s interests are in proposing alternative scenarios for the relationship between designers, producers, and users. Through his work, he challenges the industry standard of secrecy surrounding the production of products, the rights to which are typically guarded and owned by a single manufacturer or company.

By embedding products with the information needed for their reproduction, Cloning Objects offers an alternative development to the standard model of the production, manufacturing, and distribution of goods. Scanning an object with a software interface allows a user to ‘inspect’ the components of the object, which reveals the object’s digital 3D-definition, files for reproduction with digital fabrication tools, information and schematics for electronic components, and the source code for any software used to control the object.

Howard’s approach offers a new paradigm, wherein objects and their components are made accessible at an individual level. This approach empowers users to freely share, modify, and redistribute objects as they please.

Made in collaboration with Leonardo Amico, Thibault Brevet and Tilen Sepič. Special thanks to Timelab and Gluon.

Jesse Howard

Topics Project

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Year of Birth
1978 (Denver, United States)

 Colorado College, Gerrit Rietveld Academy


Work Address
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Critical People
Bas van Beek, Cynthia Hathaway, Jan Bolen, Thomas Lommée

Timelab Gent, Arduino, Thingscon, Kirschner 3D, BIO50 Biennial of Design, Intrastructures

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