Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie presents 36 emerging designers In No Particular Order

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Presented by Creative Industries Fund NL, ‘In No Particular Order’ showcases a selection of recent works by 36 individuals active in the fields of product design, graphic design, light design, social design, architecture, fashion, illustration, photography, art, audiovisual and e-culture.

With an exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2015 and this website, ‘In No Particular Order’ seeks to convey the ways in which designers see and think about the world. Through a shared image database of their personal archives, we are able to get an intimate glimpse into their minds, their working methods and their practice. As self-curated and narrated by them, the archive mirrors aspects of themselves and captures various ways of seeing and thinking.

While the 36 designers represent a wide range of disciplines and schools of thought, the recorded conversations, the collected images, and the works themselves invite us to reflect on their commonalities, and sense the underlying engagement in the process of creating, beyond their formal education and profession.

Talent Development Programme

Creative Industries Fund NL strives to strengthen the position of talented creatives with a programme for which it selects highly promising designers, researchers and makers from various academies and universities each year. The Fund enables them to experiment and work freely on the enrichment of their artistic work and practice. The selected creative talents receive a year-long grant, to be spent as they wish on the further development of their work process or methodology and/or the development of ideas, prototypes and/or products. The Fund simultaneously offers a range of activities to support their professional development — from advice on formulating business plans, seeking publicity or finding collaborative partners.

The ‘In No Particular Order’ exhibition and website is part of this programme. As with the first group of grant recipients, the Fund is honoured to present this second group of highly promising designers during Dutch Design Week and beyond with this platform.

Creative Industries Fund NL is the cultural fund for architecture, design and e-culture and every crossover imaginable in the Netherlands.


Creative Industries Fund NL

Curator and Exhibition Design
Agata Jaworska

Image Editor and Conversations
Rana Ghavami

Graphic Design
Studio Remco van Bladel (Remco van Bladel, Andrea Spikker and Luc Eggenhuizen)

Interaction Design
Charlie Berendsen and Joost de Nooy (Website), Jasper van Loenen (Media Wall)

Exhibition Production
Bendewerk (Tijmen Dekker, Looy Driesser and Tom Lugtmeijer)

Lighting and AV Production

Creative Industries Fund NL

The organisation has endeavoured to fulfil its legal obligations with regard to the copyright holders of the illustrations used. Anyone who nevertheless asserts a claim to the rights is asked to contact the Fund.