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Bora Hong project

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Before & After

Bora Hong obtained her MA in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven with her research on beauty, cosmetic surgery, and the body. Her ongoing research project, Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom, questions the practice of cosmetic surgery and the extent to which modifying the body undermines individuality.

Hong questions the role of beauty in contemporary design by comparing the practice of cosmetic surgery to tendencies in design. Before & After takes ordinary objects, such as vintage chairs and cheap plastic goods, and transforms them to resemble iconic designs such as the Eames LCW Chair. Like a cosmetic surgeon, Hong operates on these objects, giving them new and iconic bodies.

Special thanks to Birgit Severin, Daan Botlek, Maria Volokhova, Matthias Borowski, Julian Mayer, Stefanie Högl, Martin Edgar, Hwan Young Park, Alexander Taralezhkov, Jens Thorbjörnsson, Olivier Scheffer, Gemma Van Bekkum. Made possible with the support of Kollektiv Plus Zwei.

Bora Hong

Topics Project

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Year of Birth
1979 (Seoul, South Korea)

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, Design Academy Eindhoven

Company Name
Studio Bora Hong


Work address
Berlin, Germany



Critical People
Gemma Van Bekkum, Gijs Assmann, Jan Konings, Keumhaw Kim, Koen Kleijn, Louise Schouwenberg, Olivier Scheffer, Rianne Makkink, Thomas Widdershoven, Vincent de Rijk

Ampelhaus, Design Academy Eindhoven, O.C.S. (Open Creative School), Creative Industries Fund NL, Keum Art Project Berlin, Co Design Camp, The Corner Spot, Droog, Julian Mayer, Maria Volokhova, Birgit Severin, Matthias Borowski, Stefanie Högl, Kollektiv plus zwei, Fashionclash, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (NL), Arts Council Korea (Arko), Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Bangkok, Studio Aandacht, Raw Color, Unfold Design Studio, Atelier NL, Lucas Muñoz, Ming Sung Wang, Jin Hee Kwan, Ki Sung Park

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