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Anton Lamberg project

Looking Back at You

Anton Lamberg is a graphic designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2012. His work focuses on data visualisation and its underlying structures and systems.

Looking Back at You strives to unfold our view of society by revealing the patterns of our online posting behaviour. Lamberg created a system in which related words, images, colours, and locations are linked without any human intervention. This system uses natural language analysis and learning algorithms to find correlations in texts and images. The system trains itself to recognise content and uses this to understand new content.

Lamberg’s project provides insight into the amount of data we share about ourselves and explores what we can do with this kind of data beyond commercial or political applications. Using social media postings combined with online news, comments, and other online participation, Looking Back at You portrays eight months of activity on Dutch social media.

Anton Lamberg

Topics Project

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Year of Birth
1988 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Company Names
Anton Lamberg Graphic Design, Lava Design BV

Designer, Developer

Work Address
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Critical People
Tokujin Yoshioka, Joseph Müller-Brockmann, Josef Albers, Dénes Kőnig, Max Bill, Reuben Margolin, Kim Pimmel

Open Source Initiatives
OpenStreetMap, NLTK, Pattern(CLIPS), Beautiful Soup, OpenCV

(Big Data  cgaebi) (Colour  abcegi) (Infographic dabegi) (Damien Tran bdeagi) (Receipe Based Design  fcadei) (Travess Smalley aedgfi)